Owen Canning

I've just completed a Bachelor of Games Development, majoring in Games Programming. My interests are playing computer games, 20th century military history, music - specifically folk, jazz and rock, reading historical fiction and non-fiction and target shooting. I am a member of the Antique Arms Society and my local small bore rifle club. I enjoy playing military games for example Medal of Honor Airborne, Halo Reach and Mass Effect. Other games I enjoy are Bioshock Infinite and GTA.

During my school years I was a member of the Air Force Cadets. This taught me the importance of working as part of a team, finishing tasks I was set to do on time, self-discipline, leadership and respect. I enjoy working as part of a team, learning new skills and problem solving. I am focused on meeting targets and deadlines. I am a reliable, honest and co-operative team player, also comfortable to work autonomously where required.

I am developing skills in games programming: Unity, C# and C++ and I have some experience with web design, for example creating a website for the rifle club where I am a member. I have a background in music, having studied piano to grade five AMEB. I am the junior small bore rifle champion at my local club. At school the subjects I most enjoyed studying were physics and software design and development.

A description of some of the work I have done is below.

These are a target shooting game and a vehicle combat game which were created in Unity. They show the progression of my skills in Unity. I enjoy using Unity as it has enabled me to broaden my game development skills. I have found it to be an enlightening experience given the huge amount of potential it offers, what you can create is limited only to your imagination and skill.

Another piece of work I have created is a website for the Springwood Small Bore Rifle Club. I created this as the major project for my Software Design course for the HSC. The club had no website of its own and I was asked to create one, with a particular goal of attracting new members and allowing potential members to make an enquiry via an email link, along with various other requirements that the Club Committee requested. I have tracked hits on the site which show regular viewing and the club has had a number of enquiries from interested people. Initially some club members were hesitant about how well it would work but they have now seen the positive benefits.

My goals are to work as part of a team developing combat and strategy games, serious games or simulators, either in Australia or overseas. I hold dual Australian and European Citizenship. I aim to continue my overseas travels in future, particularly to areas of historical military significance.